Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SONG REDONE: Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

readers and listeners.

this is another piano song cover entitled Breakaway, a smash hit from the first American idol singer, Kelly Clarkson.

and i know, if u've listen to the song cover by myself, u would ask a question like this;

"why is it only the half of the song?"

and the answer is, i have no recorder, and that makes my voice slow and cant be recorded by phone, so, that is why the song start with "and, breakaway..... c/o, till end."

i hope you love it as i do! remember to click for the add so i can get enough money to buy a recorder!

click to download.

Breakaway Piano Cover by Fitri Dzulkifli

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thats all folks.


Muhamad Zulkifly Che Anawi said...

not bad coz this is one of my favorite song.very calm, slow, and inspirational. I mean the original song lol....

fitri oh fitri said...

wah, so aku punya version xla?! haha

cj'alhafiz said...

hi....good job buddy. btw.. i love kelly clarkson.. hahaha!!!!

fitri oh fitri said...

hey cj. thnks 4 ur improvising comment dude!~

like to hear from u in my coming song cover n past one, crazier by taylor swift!