Friday, February 19, 2010

a confusion; SPM result.

dear beloved readers,

so, its been a very big mistake for me to post such an pandemic cancer causing post lately.

today a hitch hitched me up;

result this thursday,
no, STPM laaaa.. haha

and it seems the date rumoured again was on this very 16th of March, now that sounded normal.

its not going to be on 28 Feb, its Sunday. haha.

hey, but its still a rumor, care not to believe in it.

thats all, folks,
thank you,


Anonymous said...

usually spm result came out first.
then stpm...
what's happen to our spm batch?
so many changes maa...
sblm nih tukar sistem gred, now this... aiyoyo..
bwat cuak jerk.

p/s: btw, ur popup start to get into my nerves. =.='

lAl said...

Gud luck.. Moga dapat best result...hehe

fitri oh fitri said...

god willing IAI,

dats y la FIKRI, cant help; we've been definitely being sabotage by those freakin people at the ministry. haha.

ps; yea, it does that to me too, i just want people to follow me. haha.

Anonymous said...

aku dah follow ko. haha. ;pp
btw, camne nak psg recent comment tuh en?

fitri oh fitri said...

ala, add wodget biasa shj do.
xpyh susah2, mls la guna feeds, nanti masok email.

haha. thnx!

cik kotak said...

hi encik fitri...
gud luck for your result! hopefully it will be the happiest news for you..
btw, encik fitri...
anda da salah faham ngan post cik kotak tu..
cik kotak tnya ciri2 wanita idaman la, bukan ciri2 lelaki idaman..hehehe

fitri oh fitri said...

thnx cik kotak,

haha, sory cik kotak.