Sunday, February 21, 2010

i am super addicted to GLEE

readers oh readers,
its hard to say that i am finished with Hign School Musical, and moved on to GLEE.

let just put it this way, it is a HSM failure of musical.

Lifes, Friendships, loves, people, school, music, in this popluar TV series, kicked loads of awards.


hey, its my current obsession, i've just finished for the second time; Glee Marathon season 1.
can barely wait for second season, help me!

i am thirsty for Glees.

GLEE> find out more; GLEE


edaolala said...

apa itu GLEE ? hahaha :D thanks comment my entry :D erh2 nak jawap tagged tuh jawap jela hehe :D

fitri oh fitri said...

haha, oke2. Glee tuh tv series. dekat starworld, kalo tgk skli,confm nak tgk lagi! gila best!

cj'alhafiz said...

hahaha!!! i'm pretty tired with english dramas....
to many seasons make me wnt to throw out everything... so, i stop watching dramas....
but, seems like u really enjoy it!! have fun bro... me?? i've no interest in this GLEE thingy..haha!!

fitri oh fitri said...

serious ah cj, u are missing a whole loads of fun not watching these things, its very regretful.

hey, recommending people to watch this. enjoy.

beluncas said...

x pernah dengar lak..

fitri oh fitri said...

laaa, tgk la dkt starwold.

cj'alhafiz said...

hahaha...... i'm missing loads of fun?? nah...don't think so.... i got other things out of my sleeve to have fun!!! haha....btw....thanks...

fitri oh fitri said...

haha, best. serious!

Qiha Aziz said...

i am addicted to GLEE too :)

fitri oh fitri said...

qiha, jom kita buwat group Glee! haha

ayshia nique mazlan said...

xsuke over je..
pastu that tall guy sgt tak pandai dance! pelik!hehe~
baru tgk 3 episodes dah give up..xmo tgk ag..>.<

hehe..just my hard feeling k~~:)

shamin asfar said...

pernah jugak dgr pasal cita ni.
tapi x leh tgok lah..
busy ngan study.
duk umah sewa ngan member..
jauh dari keluarga..
x leh tgok.

fitri oh fitri said...

ala, lama2 jd best.

eh, bole tgk online.

bellar0ssa said...

best eh bro cite ni? hmm xpernah tgk.huhu addictd kat how i met ur mother ngn chuck.hehe.

Zikr the Jalanan Sepi Perantau said...

cerita nie best.. yang tak boleh tahan isteri mr shue...tipu mengandung.. adoi...ending dia best gakla... season 2 own da way...katanya nak buat.. sambutan mengalakkan..tapi taksure la..

fitri oh fitri said...

best ah, tgk la, bila tgk grenti nak lg.

laa, season 2 mmg on the way. btw, ada critics ckp, american idol buleh ditunggu, tp glee, xbole tunggu. best sgt. haha

shandye. said...

the first HALF of the first season is over and the second HALF of the first season will begin in april.

the reason for the mayjah split in between is because initially fox network think that the series won't catch any view-wave, therefore the network only opt for a 13-episodes contract.

after the second episode, the series received so much hype and attention that fox network is trying to reconsider the contract and ordered a full 24 (i think, not sure) episodes for the first season.

so there you go. the upcoming 14th episode is STILL a first season episode, not a brand new season.

anyhow, i definitely can't wait to see what rachel will sing next!

Khatijah Hamid said...

Me too ! glee sgt best :)

fitri oh fitri said...

serious? better. cant really wait for that too. super addicted. :P

@khatijah hamid
tersangatlah best kan?! haha