Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new road; 2011

Dear readers,
if i'm not dreaming and widely awake, today is the 1st of January 2011?!

Happy New Year!
May all the blessings and proper and health be with all of u my beloved readers.

let us recap whats 2010 is all about.

SPM results, SPM failure, SPM stuffs, Where to go and What to do. Driving license, Meeting hotties, finishing covers, falls, rises, ups and downs, and some more i dont think its appropriate enough to tell.

goodbye last year, may falls be lessons to thee, by rises thou improvised.

now lets talk resolutions, needs and dreams!

1. to complete 5 times of prayer every single day with additional prayer and some other Sunnah as much as i can!
2. 4.0! insyaAllah! work hard and smart lah Fitri!
3. to board on express fat lost! seriously, i need to stop eating a lot since my weight is rising as the sun rises. shuuuuuuuttttss! therefore, i'll eat twice a day, or maybe trice but just a bit. oh help me, i can do this, help help help.
4. to never skip classes accidentally or intentionally.
5. to help others in any way i can in any what situation they are
6. make more friends idc on facebook or reality! yesyes. physc!
7. to master all 4 elements; Earth, Air, Water and Fire. oh? haha. to less tense.
8. to improve social skills.
9. to be best friends for everyone
10. iPhone4
11. iPad
12. Green MacBook pro

13. Reduce green house effect and thinning of the ozone layer! yeah! go go!
14. to get everything i've ever wanted! (well this one is rhetorical! this will never happen!)

well, i cope well enough in 2010! or yesterday! haha. i wish i confront things better this 2011.

Happy New Year 2011 babeh! what are your resolutions? tell me! tell me!


Anonymous said...

Happy new year too!

fitri said...

Happy new year too Anon!

hasif kamaruddin said...

pergh....learn 4 element kot....
fitri nk jd avatar!!!!tp kn fitri ko kene botakkn kepala ko n put a blue arrow on it..hehehe
HAPPY NEW YEAR fitri~~~~

fitri said...

ceh! hahaha. ape kau ni. merepek haha.

happy new year too babeh!

Merli said...

met taun baru ya.. en salam kenal :)

WanaaChan (: said...

* happy new year 2O1O (!) wishingg all ur new year resolutions come TRUE :)

suffiakmal said...

happy new year !!^^
reduce greenhouse effect n thinning of ozone layer? HAHHA
u go boy !

fitri said...

thanks merli! happy new yer too!

wanaa! thanks! u too!

fitri said...

yela suffi! budak baik kan! haha

Yui_Wani said...

Itu dia! Hahaaa....macbook? tak bez! Tak dapat nak men game. uhuhuuuuu~ =p

fitri said...

ala. xpe. asal warna hijau! haha

Ieqa Swetluv said...

selamat tahun baru.. semoga azam tahun baru ni tercapailah dengan jayanye ye hehe

fitri said...

thanks ieqa! u too darling!

K2r~90 said...

nk msuk feb da nie hehe

fitri said...

yelah. hohoho. xsabar tunggu april!