Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm on Twitter! Are you?

dear beloved readers.
this is a very quick update.

not enough with the long-non-updated blog, i've started microblogging! yes!
I am on Twitter! are you?

so, here are what u ought to do after reading this;
1. Visit my twitter profile!

2. if u have an account, do not hesitate to follow. (for those who are following; leave a comment or tweet me, i shall follow u back in no time!)

3. tweet me! mention me!

4. if u happen to have no twitter account, make one, as easy as ABC!

what are you guys waiting for? FOLLOW ME!



Anonymous said...

welcome to twitter bro!

fitri said...

TYVM! are u on twitter too? lets tweet!

Burasa Hangus said...


follow u..,

burasaHangus on tweet also..

fitri said...

TYVM burasa! i kna folo malam nanti! kna block kat sini! LOL. TYVM!

Affendy said...

hahaha..aku xdop lg akaun twitter..bes ko ??
raso mls laa nk bt

fitri said...

best weh,. rugi xbwat! LOL