Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Splendid Year should i say. Everyone?

the second post. i am struggling to get my feet off the ground but somehow, i doesnt seems to work, AT ALL! i'm talking about, posting blogs in Bahasa.

BTW, wake up people, its almost new year!

so, people talks resolution, hence, not me.

2009 has been a very splendid year for me. what about everyone else?
first, in January, in MRSM PC, we were suddenly choked by the stupid administration who tends to tore our rooms apart. shocked, azim burst out crying, begging for exchange. haha. on the second thought we love it.

then, for next month, favourable one, we enjoyed our performance at Grand Riverview Hotel, New Pacific Hotel, and MRSMPC motel. haha. Orchestra rocks. we also played our music at a launching ceremony of KPTM. ye e? didnt quite remember. we get to meet the menteri whatevergetlost. I got to sing 2 songs for the Hari Guru. wah, best, haha, It were Terima Kasih Cinta by Afgan and Jasa Bonda by unknown.

another highlight is the SING OUT LOUD COMPETITION, best! I got to the finals, and WON! haha.Azim got the second place, and Hanif got the third place. I really rocks!

such experience wont be gained just like that in MRSMPC, lets say, a tornado blast?
its a catastrophic events, yet a very worse one. but hey, i got some exclusive photoshots out of it. haha.

something to be remembered too. we attend a school from kedah. the best part is, the Cultural Night, culture laa sangat. haha. i sang the song Hanya kau yang mampu. best! haha

Next is the annual dinner, fine, and fun. its amazing, some say its better than last year, we have spectacular performance and lots of awards.

graduation hits. its a very symbolically done in a majestic hall at USM Kubang Kerian. its gigantic.

SPM! haha, the best part. we throw everything away and never ever touch it again. haha. untill some points we gonna need it. haha

We broke. thats the least fun part. breaking up with books if fun yet, with friends, never been a very good thing. i just love them all.

and the holidays, best and bored. some here i am on a blog.

Happy holidays and a very Happy new Year.
listen to this,
Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.

2009, we shall miss this year of wealth and prosperity, of good and evil, of cares and loves, of hope and joy.

thanks for reading.

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