Wednesday, April 13, 2011

what's so interesting about glee..? people around me seem to be so addicted to it so i tried to watch a few episodes, but i found that it is nothing much interesting but boring.. :(

i'm glad u asked. because the epic fun musical comedy is a spotlight stealer in every single way. i got this pretty good feeling when i watched every single episode of it. it taught me to be bold and brave about who i am and never let anyone get u down. if u've watched for the very beginning like i do, u'd cry for the episodes where Rachel berry and Quinn have this mad conversation about Rachel asking Quinn about Finn and Quinn responded elegantly with no fear and full of bona fide confidence but it is still an uncertainty that lies on the bumpy road of life with wild chases everywhere looking and searching for chances to mess things up, if u watched the series, u know what i am talking about, not just nothing but it's Sue Sylvester that makes Rachel burst out crying in deep pain that eventually inspire the brilliant origional songs; Get it Right and nonetheless, i've watched the episode for about 10 times now. How can u say that is entirely boring? seriously. If u have a thing for music and songs and lyrics and stuffs about the arty art, you must've been in love with this theatrical drama. Its better than that of no originality; the Korean. Plus, u will never want to except that life is as beautiful as in the fairy tails u've read because the road we're on is full of challenges that'll teach us the ups and downs of ones life. Bear with it. Be with it. That's what Glee is all about not just music but life; Putting feelings and words in music and to sing it is a way of living a good life. How did Ryan Murphy came out with such a genius idea? Genius indeed. Thank You. Ask more!

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